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2016 Toyota Highlander Hybrid Earns Acclaim from Critics

Stylish, sophisticated and straight-up spectacular, the 2016 Toyota Highlander Hybrid is unquestionably one of the most intriguing options throughout the midsize SUV segment.

And as we at Toyota of New Orleans are not ones for unsubstantiated claims, we'd like to link the following video. In it, you'll learn what personality, Kelsey Mays, considers this crossover's choicest qualities:

Dressed head-to-toe with myriad tech-centric goodies and gadgets, this SUV is quite clearly one smart cookie. This is true even of the entry-level Limited trim.

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Autotrader Delivers Details Regarding 2016 Toyota Camry Hybrid

As the offspring of a model with some legendary lineage, expectations for the 2016 Toyota Camry Hybrid are darn-near stratospheric. Yet, where others might crack under such immense pressure, this eco-conscious cruiser thrives.

Will this pony polish up into a diamond? We at Toyota of New Orleans certainly think it should. However, we suggest you form your own opinion on the matter by watching the video review below:

Three unique trim types comprise the Camry Hybrid lineup. And though it can't quite measure up to some of the top-tier offerings, the base LE is nevertheless a beaut in its…

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More Than Just Hybrids: Toyota Protects Biodiversity

Toyota's hybrid models, like the Toyota Prius, help keep the environment cleaner by burning fewer fossil fuels and producing fewer emissions.

However, conservation isn't all about just carbon emissions.

In 2008, Toyota went the extra mile to coexist with wildlife that share their facilities.

In June 2008, two red-tailed hawks build a nest on a utility pole at Arizona Toyota Proving Grounds (TAPG). A dangerous location, one of the birds somehow died during a storm.

Toyota team members not only rescued the chick, where a local wildlife rehabilitation center nurtured it back to health

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Toyota Announces its Dream Car Art Contest

Ask any child if he or she is an artist and the response you’ll likely get is, “of course!” Kids know that they are creative and embrace the title of “artist” in a way that most adults find daunting.

If there is a child or teen in your life who is passionate about drawing, sketching or painting, encourage him or her to participate in the 10th annual Toyota Dream Car Art Contest. Young people from all over the world will be part of the event, which ends on February 28, 2016.

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2016 Toyota Prius and RAV4 Hybrid: A First Look

You've no doubt heard by now that Toyota is in the midst of an exciting expansion of its hybrid lineup. Today, we're going to introduce you to two of the newest members--the fourth-generation Prius and recently refreshed RAV4, which now comes with a hybrid powertrain of its own.

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Toyota Sets Up Shop in Silicon Valley, to Rival other Tech Companies

Toyota is looking to dominate the technology scene. The hydrogen powered Toyota Mirai is making its debut this year, and Toyota Safety Sense is one of the most affordable accident-avoidance technologies available. Toyota even received a patent for a flying car.

This November, the corporation announced plans to open a new company in Silicon Valley, to focus on robotics and artificial intelligence.


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October Sales Rise 13 Percent

“October was a huge month for the industry, smashing expectations and continuing its hot streak. Toyota Division posted best-ever sales for the month led by October record-breaking sales of Highlander and RAV4.” -Bill Fay, group vice president and general manager for the Toyota Division

​The month of October turned out to be pretty exceptional for Toyota according to a press release form earlier today. Not only did the hydrogen-fuel cell sedan, Mirai, go on sale, but monthly sales exceeded 200,000 units-- an increase of 13 percent on a volume basis. Daily Selling Rate (DSR) rose...

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Toyota: The Future is Now

Back in 1985, Marty McFly travelled into the future -- to 2015, to be exact. The date of his arrival was October 21st. In honor of #BackToTheFutureDay, Toyota is releasing an exciting surprise. At Toyota of New Orleans, we're hovering on our toes as we anticipate the arrival of what we can only assume will be one of Toyota's most futuristic creations yet. What do you think the surprise is? Watch the video below for a hint!

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How High Can Your Odometer Go with a Toyota Prius?

What is the highest mileage car you've ever driven? How many miles were on it by the time you gave it up? Over 200,000? And it was probably falling to pieces by then, wasn't it?

What if we told you that a Toyota Prius could top 435,000 miles without having any major repairs or breakdowns?

Bob Old bought his Prius back in 2004, and was just as surprised as you are to have put on almost 40,000 miles each year and never break down.

You would think he'd at least need to replace the…

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