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The Toyota TRD Pro is Seriously Hot Stuff

And who better to handle hot stuff, than hot stuff?

In their continuing mission of proving that the Toyota TRD Pro is the most rugged, most advanced, most capable off-roader out there (by now, we think they're just doing it for fun), they roped professional off-roaders Ryan Millen and Andy Bell into climbing a mountain in Chile.

And by climbing a mountain, we mean piloting a Toyota Tundra TRD Pro over some of the…

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Avoid Distractions with Camry

If you are easily distractible you may have experienced some dangerous situations while driving. Sometimes you lose focus for a second and find yourself drifting into a different lane. Toyota understands that this is a common problem, that's why they put Lane Departure Alert into the 2015 Toyota Camry. Take a look at the video below to see how it works.

Bet you didn't expect that! We have to be honest, we didn…

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2015 Toyota Camry Will Further its Tradition of Triumph

There's some big news brewing here at Toyota of New Orleans!  Before long, we'll be welcoming the 2015 iteration of one of the world's most prolifically-popular midsize sedans, the Toyota Camry, to our lot.  While it's not technically "all-new," the 2015 model will feature a variety of noteworthy changes that're sure to make this Camry the very best yet.

One of the most substantial alterations is the addition of two…

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Celebrate National Picnic Month with the Toyota FJ Cruiser

It's National Picnic Month and to celebrate Left Lane News is bringing us to the beach with 10 new cars built to get us there.  We at Toyota Scion of New Orleans is proud to see our favorite off-roading, adventuresome vehicle on the list: the 2014 Toyota FJ Cruiser.

It's Bilstein off-road shock absorbers combined with water fording limit of 28 inches allows the FJ Cruiser to make it across any terrain.  And…

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The Muppets Return to Praise the Toyota Highlander

A couple months ago, the Toyota brand made a memorable appearance in its Super Bowl commercial slot, which starred the Muppets alongside of Terry Crews in the all-new 2014 Highlander. Now the Muppets have returned in a new clip to show and tell us here in the New Orleans, LA area what they love the most about this versatile SUV. Click play on the video below to find out!

As you can see space is…

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A Sneak Peek of Toyota's Highlander Super Bowl Ad

The Fox comedy, Brooklyn Nine-Nine just won a Golden Globe, this year: its first on the air. Fans of the show may recognize actor, Terry Crews, from other acting stints, but what you may not have known, is that before Mr. Crews was a TV and movie actor, he was actually an NFL player: retiring in 1997.

Yes, it's true. Mr. Crews played for several teams including the Washington Redskins and San Diego Chargers…

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Toyota Helps Educate U.S. Government on Future Auto Technology

There is a type of technology known as dedicated short-range communication, or DSRC technology, and it has the potential to change the future of automotive.

What do we at Toyota of New Orleans mean by this? Allow us to explain.

You see, DSRC technology allows drivers to pass some of their responsibility over to the vehicle they're driving. Moreover, it aids drivers by allowing external communication devices to alert the vehicle (and its driver…

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Toyota's FCV Concept is Just Around the Corner

When hybrid gasoline-electric vehicles first hit the automotive industry, the general reaction from drivers across the country was, shall we say, less than ideal. Why would you want something less powerful that utilizes electric power? What could possibly be fun about that? Well, the Toyota Prius family proved that not only is the efficiency beneficial, it's also a joy to drive and easy on the eyes, to boot.

Now, the forward-thinking Japanese automaker is…

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Toyota Pulls the Sheet off the 2014 Highlander

Perhaps you were fortunate enough to read the last installation of our blog, where we told you about a recent award given to the Toyota Highlander for being a great car for daily commuters. Well, since that award has come out, Toyota has released the newest version of the Highlander and here at Toyota of New Orleans we think they took something great and made it even better.

The curtain was raised on the 2014?

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