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Could Toyota's Fuel Cell Vehicle Change the Future of Cars?

As alternative fuel sources are used more and more, it was only a matter of time before the auto industry came up with a new fuel source for cars. Hybrids and electric vehicles are all over the roads now, and soon we might start seeing cars powered by hydrogen fuel cells, too. Toyota has been working on this zero emissions car for a while, and they're saying that it will be on the road?

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Toyota's Zero-Emission Vehicle is Only a Year Away

Toyota has created a zero-emission vehicle that will be available sometime next year. It runs on hydrogen fuel cells, which work with the oxygen in the air to power the car. Its only byproduct is water, making this vehicle as environmentally friendly as possible.

There were concerns about the durability of this vehicle, but Toyota has addressed those concerns and met its goal of a 300-mile range and a 10-year lifespan for this vehicle. It?

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AAA Says Commuting is a Breeze in Two Toyota Models

Here at Toyota of New Orleans, we know that drivers here in the Big Easy know the meaning of a hard day's work. That means when it's time to punch out and head home, the last thing you want is to have to climb into an uncomfortable and unreliable car, hoping that today won't be the day that the transmission falls out of the bottom. If you ever feel like this, then?

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Year-Over-Year Toyota Sales Are Up Sixty Percent

Recovering from the tsunami and earthquake driven setbacks facing Toyota last year, the Japanese automaker is now producing new Toyota cars at 100-percent capacity with sales figures highlighting the fact.

Highlighting Toyota's recovery, a year-over-year comparison for the month of June shows Toyota to have seen a 60% increase in sales. In June of 2011 the automaker sold 100,164 vehicles with this most recent June seeing 157,773 Toyota vehicles being sold. Interested…
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Toyota Prius c Is Voted A 'Quickest Selling Car'

With its subcompact body and Hybrid Synergy Drive, the 2012 Toyota Prius c is one vehicle that Toyota of New Orleans, serving the greater New Orleans area, is having a hard time getting enough of. And from the sounds of it, we're not alone. Specifically, Edmunds Inside Line is reporting that the all-new hybrid from our favorite Japanese automaker claims the shortest time spent on a dealership lot before being driven home by a…

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Toyota Considers Moving Prius Production to the United States

With a major redesign on the horizon, Toyota may be planning to move the production of its lauded hybrid to the United States. We are, of course, talking about the Toyota Prius, which has managed to captivate drivers with its iconic style and envious fuel economy.

Currently, it's assembled in Japan, where Toyota has established a strong relationship with many of its current hybrid part suppliers. And that's proven to be one of?

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Toyota's Rechargeable Battery is Pitted Against the Volt

It's hitting the headlines, Toyota has built a rechargeable variant of its popular Toyota Prius and they are ready to put it up to the test.

Toyota has pitted the new Prius against the Chevy Volt in asserting that the Prius has a higher mpg-e than the Chevy Volt (when running almost solely on battery power). Vice President of Toyota U.S. sales said "It's still an estimate, but we are confident it…

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Toyota Prius Extension Adds More Space for Campers

It's clear that the state of California has a serious affinity for the Toyota Prius. Being the place where hybrid cars are conceptualized, the love of the Toyota Prius has spread all over the state.

Those who possess the affinity for the Prius and Toyota's Hybrid Cars are now even more riled up to hear about the new sedan and Prius-V variants. After a touch-up both the sedan and the Prius-V variants now…

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Toyota Prius G Packs an Aggressive Edge in Japan

Toyota is no stranger to widening the appeal of their lauded hybrid, the Prius. This year, the Japanese automaker began introducing new models to a Prius family of cars, and their appeal ranges from greater cargo room to more fuel economy. Down the line, Toyota even has plans to introduce a more compact variant of the Prius. In other words, there really is a Prius for everyone.

Okay, maybe not quite everyone... After all, there…

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2011 Toyota Prius PLUS Performance Package Now Available

The best-selling Toyota Prius has a lot going for it. It's comfortable, friendly-looking, eco-friendly, offers envious fuel economy, handles well... But it didn't exactly have much for a performance package under the hood. Well, that is all about to change.

Toyota is now enhancing the performance of the 2011 Prius by adding an available PLUS Performance package, featuring components from Toyota Racing Development's new PLUS hybrid performance line. Embodying Toyota's core…

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