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Vehicle Service & Maintenance FAQs

At the end of the day, not everyone is a mechanic. At Toyota of New Orleans, we’ve compiled a list of commonly asked questions so that you can get an idea of what’s wrong with your particular model. We understand that it can be stressful when you run into issues, which is why when you’re near Baton Rouge, New Orleans, or Lafayette, you can always drop by the dealership so that we can help you in person.

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How Much Air Do My Tires Need?

When you’re trying to fill up your tires, you might not be sure how much air they need. When you want to be sure that you have the right PSI, you’ll want to check the tread of the tire itself, as you should be able to find the recommended pressure listed directly on it. You should never overfill your tires, as this can cause increased wear and even a blowout.

Tire Rotation

When Do I Rotate My Tires?

If you want to conserve more of your tread over time, you’re going to want to make sure that you’re properly rotating your tires. This will help offset wear, as you’ll be able to give the tires receiving the most friction a break. Generally, you’ll need one every 6,000 to 8,000 miles, so it helps to time this service with your next synthetic oil change.

Oil change

When Do I Change My Oil?

You’re going to need to know whether or not you have conventional or synthetic oil when you’re asking this question. Conventional oil will need to be changed much sooner, usually around 3,000 miles, while synthetic oil can last longer than 7,000 miles potentially. If you received a sticker from your last visit, you’ll want to pay attention to the date and mileage.

Car Battery

What About My Car Battery?

Your car battery is made to last a long time, as it can generally go between three and five years before needing a replacement. That doesn’t mean that it’s foolproof, however, as you might run into problems long before then. If you notice your lights are dimmer or that your model can’t seem to hold a charge, you’ll want to bring your battery in for testing.

Coolant tank

When Do I Handle My Other Fluids?

While everyone knows about their oil, you still have your transmission fluid, brake fluid, and plenty of others to worry about. Since there are so many, it’s usually best to check these when you go in for routine service. If you’re already changing something like your oil, you can ask one of our technicians to inspect your model.

Air Filter

Should I Change My Air Filter?

While you might be more familiar with the air filter that works with your engine, there’s also one in your cabin as well. If you’ve noticed lingering smells, or that your air conditioner just isn’t as powerful as it used to be, it may mean that it’s time to replace your cabin air filter. This part is also responsible for sorting out dust and other contaminants, so if your cabin is filthy, it could be another sign.

brake pads

Should I Replace The Brake Pads?

Your brakes are your most important system, but you might not know how often you need to change the pads. Your pads will last between 20,000 and 30,000 miles generally, but if you notice any change in how your model brakes, you’ll want to have it inspected at your earliest convenience.

When you need to schedule your next service, you’ll want to trust the mechanics at Toyota of New Orleans.