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The History of Toyota | From 1933 to Today

Old photo of a Toyota factory  

There are a lot of automotive brands out there, but if there’s one you probably hear about more than others, it’s Toyota. Drivers love efficient models like the Prius, while other models like the strong Tundra appeal to those who use their vehicles for heavy-duty jobs. Toyota simply has something for everyone. If you want to take a look at the lineup, visit us at Toyota of New Orleans. In the meantime, you may want to learn about how Toyota became prominent in the first place.

Beginning in Japan, 1933

The legacy of the Toyota brand dates back to 1933 when Kiichiro Toyoda established the Automotive Production Division. Soon after, the first Type A Engine would follow in 1934, and by 1936, the Model AA passenger car was in production. The company would later become independent in 1937, under the new name “Toyota Motor Co.” The brand would soon see quite a few challenges, as WWII was right around the corner. It managed to weather the economic storm though, and when the Korean War began, the United States ordered roughly 5,000 vehicles from the company. This gave Toyota Motor Co. the ability to focus on new markets, as they no longer had to worry about potential bankruptcy. By the time the 60s hit, Toyota was becoming a global success. It’s been quite a few decades since then, and drivers today can find Toyota models on just about every continent.

Entering American Markets, 1957

Japan and the United States were heavily linked when it came to their vehicles, as GM and Ford were the dominant brands in Japan for decades. As Toyota found its footing, it quickly reversed the situation and established its first American headquarters in Hollywood, California. The year was 1957, and just a few years later, Toyota would establish Toyota Motor Distributors of New Jersey. By 1963, the company had established over 125 dealerships across the country, and it showed no sign of losing steam. Models like the Corona and the Corolla would become incredibly popular thanks to their efficient design and practical build. This helped the brand catapult itself into the big leagues, as by 1975, Toyota was the #1 imported brand to the United States. The company would continue to expand as the years went by, with notable achievements including the introduction of the “Lexus” brand in 1987.

1986 Toyota Corolla

The History of Each Toyota Model

Toyota Corolla Toyota Camry

Today’s Impact

Toyota continues to enshrine its legacy as the years go by. If you want to see what a Toyota model can do for you, and you’re near Harvey, New Orleans, or Slidell, you’ll want to stop by Toyota of New Orleans.

  • A Focus on Carbon Neutrality: As electric vehicles are becoming more popular, Toyota is focusing on developing both the Toyota bZ4X and the Lexus RZ. This will add to their list of efficient models, as they’re known for their hardworking hybrid vehicles.
  • Setting World Records: The engineers at Toyota love to throw their hats in the ring when there’s a competition. The 2021 Mirai managed to set a Guinness World Record when it set out for an 845-mile journey that resulted in zero emissions.
  • A Strong American Presence: It’s hard to believe that Toyota was teetering on bankruptcy at one point, as it now makes up roughly a quarter of all American EPV sales.

You can apply for financing online so that it’s easy to find your next new Toyota model at Toyota of New Orleans.