Alignment Service Near Baton Rouge, LA

View of a service tech doing a wheel alignment service

Alignment Service At Toyota of New Orleans

Here at Toyota of New Orleans, we provide quality Toyota wheel alignment services from experts who understand Toyotas like yours and their wheel alignment maintenance inside and out. To offer expert care and quality results, we pile on the best service resources including certified technicians, computerized & laser-guided alignment equipment, and guided by Toyota-certified service protocols guaranteed to restore factory specifications where the tire rubber meets the road.

Wheel Alignment is Vital Tire Maintenance

Wheel alignment describes the condition of the three angles at each wheel location guiding how the tires are pointed and how they operate relative to one another. The three angles at each wheel position guide how the tires meet the road. When alignment is at specifications at every wheel, the wheels are pointed in the correct direction, opposing wheels are parallel to each other, and the tires’ tread meets the road perfectly. When wheel alignment is out of specifications, the tires do not meet the road properly and will wear rapidly in areas handling concentrated road forces. One of the best ways to protect a set of tires and extend their service life is to ensure your vehicle’s wheels are in factory-specified alignment.

Our Computerized Wheel Alignment

We perform precision wheel alignments with a certified technician using our computerized & laser-guided wheel alignment equipment within a state-of-the-art Toyota service department. Both our two-wheel and four-wheel alignments feature the same attractive features regardless of the number of wheels receiving alignment service. When your Toyota needs an alignment service, we invite you to get precision results at perfect factory specifications from the Toyota experts at Toyota of New Orleans.

Comparing 2-Wheel Vs. 4-Wheel Alignment:

  • 2-Wheel Alignment: Two-wheel, or front-wheel, alignment corrects misalignment on the front wheels’ angles only. When rapid wear appears on the front wheels, it is the right to schedule a corrective alignment service to restore the front wheels to factory specifications.
  • 4-Wheel Alignment: Service includes all four wheels whereby each wheel angle – camber, caster, and toe – are assessed and adjusted as needed to restore specifications where the tires meet the road.

Toyota of New Orleans is prepared to perform a two- or four-wheel alignment using computerized equipment. We know how important an alignment can be and the improvement it can provide to your experience while operating your vehicle. Contact us today to book an appointment.