Tire Rotation Service Near Lafayette, LA

Close up view of a tire on its side

Tire Rotation Service at Toyota of New Orleans

One of the most important components of your vehicle is your tires. They provide traction and a smooth ride. You have a lot riding on your tires. Over time, they will wear down, but you want to prolong the life of your tires as long as possible. One of the best ways to extend the life of your tires is through regular rotation services. If you live in or near LafayetteLaPlace, or Harvey, you can get regular tire rotation services at Toyota of New Orleans.

Why is a Tire Rotation Important?

Tire rotations ensure that you get optimal wear and performance from your tires. Tire rotation counters uneven wear characteristics on all your tires based on their position on your vehicle. To maximize the tread life of your tires, your vehicle manufacturer has recommendations on the rotation intervals in your vehicle’s owner’s manual. Generally, you should have your tires rotated about every 5,000-7,000 miles. An easy way to remember this is just to plan on a tire rotation service every time you have an oil change. When you do this, you keep wear patterns more evenly distributed. This is important even if your vehicle is properly aligned. If your tires aren’t aligned, it will affect the longevity of your tires and how they perform on the road.

Wheel Alignment Services Offered to New Orleans Drivers

Your tires will wear unevenly if the wheels are misaligned. This can lead to early tire replacement and will also affect how smooth your rides are. Having your wheels out of alignment can affect traction and steering if not repaired. Your owner’s manual should also have a recommended schedule for wheel alignment, but other things may prompt getting an alignment earlier than expected. For example, an auto accident, striking a curb with your wheel, debris on the road, potholes, and driving on gravel roads often can throw your vehicle out of alignment.

The Importance of Balancing Your Wheels

In addition to tire rotation and wheel alignment, your tires should also be properly balanced. If your tires are out of balance, your ride will be riddled with odd vibrations. This can also affect the tread wear patterns on your tires. When you get tire rotation services, your technician will know if you require wheel alignment and wheel balancing. To ensure that your tires are properly balanced, our service center is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment like an electronic spin balancer to get your tires just right.

If you are noticing increased vibrations or uneven tread wear, or if your vehicle pulls to one side or the other when you are going straight, you may need any or all of these services.

If you need to have your tires rotated, balanced, and aligned, you can schedule services with our Service Center at Toyota of New Orleans. Let us give your vehicle the quality care it needs for your tires and wheels. We want to be the place to go for all your maintenance needs, so contact us today.