Engine Air Filter Service Near Metairie, LA

Close up view of a service tech changing out an engine air filter

Engine Air Filter Service At Toyota Of New Orleans

A vehicle is a complex machine that consists of several components that work together to maintain a smooth performance. Your vehicle needs routine maintenance to keep it in good shape and performing at its best, keep you safe as you drive, and prevent damage. Your vehicle’s air filter keeps your engine clean and functional. Every technician and auto professional will tell you that clean air is crucial to protecting your engine and vehicle.

At Toyota of New Orleans, our trained technicians provide fast, affordable, and quality maintenance and service, conveniently located near MetairieKenner, or Slidell.

Why Does My Vehicle Need an Air Filter?

No matter your engine type and vehicle make and model, an air filter is a necessary component of your car. Air filters are an important necessity as they keep your engine clean and free of contaminants and debris that can damage the components that the air filter protects. Air filters are a cheaper part of vehicle maintenance that comes in a range of shapes and sizes. To keep your vehicle functioning properly, air filters should be inspected and replaced at regular time intervals.

How Often Should I Change My Air Filter?

The surest way to identify a dirty air filter is to have the air filters inspected at the time the vehicle is undergoing regular maintenance, such as an oil change. Look at your service manual to see if your vehicle has an air filter indicator light, or ask one of our professional technicians in our service department. This is a standard feature on most larger trucks or commercial vehicles. Another way to identify if your air filter needs changing is to look at it yourself. Usually, there are visual signs of dirt and dust around the surface area of the filter location. You can hold the filter itself up to a bright light. The light must pass through at least half the filter for it not to be a danger to your vehicle. To be safe, regular inspections are the best way to determine if your filter needs changing.

Signs of a Dirty Air Filter

There are many warning signs that your vehicle’s air filter needs changing. When air is not passing through the air filter, it may cause poor engine performance, engine misfires, abnormal engine noises, odd vibrations, and for spark plugs to become ineffective, to list a few. If the air is passing through a dirty air filter, it will cause contaminants to pass through the engine. It can cause damage not only to the engine but to other parts as well. Luckily, having your air filter changed is one of the cheapest components of your vehicle to be serviced and replaced. Not only is a clean air filter vital to the overall function, but it is essential to the life of your vehicle.

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